Monday, August 25, 2014

PTI Blog Hop #3

Seriously, last one. I must really be on the gold wagon right now. It's nice to pull out the gold paint pen and embossing powder now that it's trendy again!  That's why I never get rid of my art supplies!  ;)

PTI blog hop #2

The feathers are just meant for gold, aren't they? Pearl Ex works beautifully with the fine detail of the stamps. 

PTI Blog Hop

Had this in my stash of cards that I made a while ago.  Just a bit of gold is all that is needed!

Stampafaire 1980's

Finally got around to playing with this stamp set. Had some fun paper from Doodlebug Design Inc (take note) that looks totally awesome with this genre.  Word!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stampafaire Fast Challenge

To get the fun day of stamping started we each chose a different color scheme and layout for the 20 minute challenge.  Might have taken a bit longer once we all got situated. Wish I had gotten a photo of everyone's cards throughout the day. They were all so different and beautiful!

Stampafaire Ancient Rome

Whoa did this era get our brains working early in the morning.  It was hilarious trying to get the mosaic stamp going in the right direction before my second cuppa coffee.  Very neat working with embossing paste. Will try more cards with it when time permits. 

Stampafaire Renaissance Period

Very cool techniques learned for these cards. Had fun with the wax and velvet. Will definitely use the velvet technique again.

Stampafaire Regency Era

Stampafaire 1920's

Of all the decades this one seems like the most glamorous.  I love the simplicity yet elegance of this period in history.  Heather's projects captured it perfectly. 

Stampafaire 1940's

So many things to do with this lovely stamp set by Betsy Veldmann.  I have a feeling I'll be making a ton of cute little felt flowers with stamens!

Stampafaire 1960's

Loved the designs and look forward to making many more projects with this stamp set.  Truly my favorite of the whole day!

Stampafaire closing

After 12 hours of stamping we called it quits. It was a fun day full of new techniques learned and great fellowship. We need to get together more than once a year and have marathon stamping days!