Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crafting obsession

 While on vacation I've had lots of time to look at a bunch if different craft blogs.  Usually I can barely keep up with just PTI when they have a release.  I actually didn't even have time this month to enter in any if the contests!  Anywho I've learned that a lot of the women who design for PTI are on several different companies design teams.  Studio Calico is one that has quite a few.  From that site I wondered onto Two Peas In a  Bucket = trouble.   They have tons of cool crafting accessories.  Pretty much at this phase in my crafting career I feel there is not a darn stamp that I need.  I pretty much have something in my collection that I can substitute when I see a layout that I like. However the accessories are what keep everything up to date and oh so cute!  Can't wait to get home to my studio and PLAY!!!!